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A new company founded by
Uli Jon Roth.

We are proudly offering a brand-new range of beautiful and amazing Sky Guitars, all designed by Uli himself and crafted to perfection by his favourite luthier, Boris Dommenget, who has built all of Uli’s Sky Guitars since 2010.


“The Sky Guitar is simply the most powerful guitar on the planet today.”



Brandnew Prototype

This is the only place on the Web where you can order authentic new Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitars


It is our mission to create the most advanced and finest guitars ever built


The first Sky Guitar was built in England in 1983 by Master Luthier Andreas Demetriou.
From the beginning, the idea was to give powerful new wings 
to the electric guitar
and to vastly expand the tonal range as well as 
enhancing the spectrum of the colours of expression.

The development of Sky Guitars is an ongoing story which is still unfolding. 
Each new Sky Guitar is an important step in this chain of exploration.

Sky Guitars are built for people with a vision.
They are power tools of creativity.

In the right hands, a Sky Guitar can produce amazing sounds and colours.

Become a member of this elite club of musical explorers and single minded, serious players, 
or simply collect the guitar for its aesthetic beauty and magical visual appeal.

Sky Guitars are designed to be played in concert, in the studio or at home, 
yet each Sky Guitar is also a valuable collector’s item,
destined to gain in value as time goes by like 
an heirloom which you can proudly pass on to future generations.

With a Sky Guitar you are embracing the Spirit of Beauty, Inspiration and Imagination.



UJR SKY GUITARS was founded by 
ULI  JON  ROTH in 2017

The purpose of the company is to build new Sky Guitars for the discerning musician or collector.
These groundbreaking instruments have been designed by Uli himself
in order to significantly extend the boundaries of the electric guitar.

USG is the logical next step after Uli’s successful association with his dear friend Elliott Rubinson, CEO of Dean Guitars,
who sadly passed away at the beginning of 2017. The first Limited Edition of 50 Sky Guitars was distributed by Dean.
All these guitars were built by Boris Dommenget, exactly according to Uli’s wishes.

Through the establishment of  UJR  SKY GUITARS we are now taking Sky Guitars to the next level
with a whole series of new ideas and further improvements to this already amazing invention.

All our guitars are being built in Germany by Master Luthier Boris Dommenget
and are distributed worldwide only through this website.

UJR  SKY GUITARS stands for Innovation, Imagination, Inspiration.