Charlie Travis, Chicago, USA

My name is Charlie Travis and I am the proud owner of a Sky Guitar.
I first heard Scorpions… Read more “Charlie Travis, Chicago, USA”

Teruo Moriya, Tokyo, Japan

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Uli Jon Roth for giving us the opportunity to have these… Read more “Teruo Moriya, Tokyo, Japan”

Terry Hartley, Guildford, England

As a proud owner of both an original 50 limited edition Sky Guitar #7 – ‘Sapphire Star’ – and a… Read more “Terry Hartley, Guildford, England”

David Klosinski, Hamburg, Germany

After playing the guitar for basically my whole life, I have finally found THE ONE! The Sky Super Strat is… Read more “David Klosinski, Hamburg, Germany”

Matt Schulze, Los Angeles, California, USA

This is Matt Schulze: actor and musician. I was first introduced to Uli Jon Roth’s music and his incredible Sky… Read more “Matt Schulze, Los Angeles, California, USA”

Kevin Butt, Aydlett, North Carolina, USA

In shape and form of design, there is nothing like the Sky Guitar. The electronics are stellar, particularly the incredible… Read more “Kevin Butt, Aydlett, North Carolina, USA”

Steve Smith, Hilo, Hawaii, USA

“I was fortunate enough to have been able to purchase one of the limited-edition Dean Sky Guitars. Even though it… Read more “Steve Smith, Hilo, Hawaii, USA”

Kazuhiko Ito, Tokyo, Japan

I really want to say “Thank you” to Uli Jon Roth. Uli gave me an experience to play the ultimate… Read more “Kazuhiko Ito, Tokyo, Japan”

Prof. Aaron Leone, Jackson, New Jersey, USA

“My Sky Guitar “Golden Cloud” is a magnificent instrument. With such an instrument, my musical creativity can have no limit.Read more “Prof. Aaron Leone, Jackson, New Jersey, USA”

Jon Hepworth, Durham, England

“For me the opportunity to own a Sky Guitar was the realisation of a dream come true. I remember when… Read more “Jon Hepworth, Durham, England”

Daniel Bellver Hidalgo, Girona, Spain

“ I have a very strong feeling of connection with my “Sweet Beauty” Sky Guitar.
I have been… Read more “Daniel Bellver Hidalgo, Girona, Spain”

Shigeru Amari, Tokyo, Japan

Three years have passed since I obtained my Sky Guitar #30, the “Butterfly Sky”. I am an amateur guitarist, but… Read more “Shigeru Amari, Tokyo, Japan”

Enzo Trujillo, Glendale, California

Read more “Enzo Trujillo, Glendale, California”

Baroque Rococo (Nobuhiro & Tomoko), Japan

The Sky Guitar is a “future guitar” which breaks down the concept of past guitar and incorporates new technology.
Read more “Baroque Rococo (Nobuhiro & Tomoko), Japan”

Errol Antzis, Westchester, New York, USA

“I am not one who is prone to overstatement, but Uli Jon Roth has been an inspiration to me since… Read more “Errol Antzis, Westchester, New York, USA”

Cesar Chavez, Redondo Beach, California, USA

“I have been enamored with Uli’s Sky Guitar since its debut on Beyond the Astral Skies. The promo video for… Read more “Cesar Chavez, Redondo Beach, California, USA”

Hiromi Kimura, Osaka, Japan

“I love everything about my Sky Guitar, “Sky of Nepal”. Gracefully beautiful guitar… His beautiful sounds penetrate my soul and… Read more “Hiromi Kimura, Osaka, Japan”

Kent Niepert, Bejing, China

“Ever since I bought Uli’s Metamorphosis CD in 2004, I was intrigued by how Vivaldi’s music could be played on… Read more “Kent Niepert, Bejing, China”

Yasuhiro Miyamoto, Osaka, Japan

Sky of Kashmir and I met in March 2016. Since that time, Kashmir brought me a lot of special experience.… Read more “Yasuhiro Miyamoto, Osaka, Japan”

"My Sky Guitar is the most beautiful and complex guitar I have ever touched.
It is really an amazing instrument, and I love it."
(Steve Smith, Hilo, Hawaii, USA)

"I recommend these series of beautiful playable guitar artworks to all adventurous musicians.
It’s the Dream Machine !!!"
(Cesar Chavez, Redondo Beach, California, USA)

"My Sky Guitar, "Golden Cloud", is a magnificent instrument.
With such an instrument, my musical creativity can have no limit.
Its sensitivity to complex musical nuances is beyond compare.
(Prof. Aaron Leone, The Guitar & Bass Academy of Jackson, Monmouth University, NJ)

"I am proud to have been a student at  Sky Academy and also an owner of the “Blue Diamond” Sky Guitar.
I have used the guitar extensively on my recordings as well as in live performances,
and find it to be the epitome of construction, design and sound.
The Sky Guitar is extremely versatile and I never cease to receive compliments about the guitar when performing.
The Sky Guitar is unique and does require some practice to truly enjoy all of its capabilities,
but anything this worthwhile takes time to master."
(Errol Antzis, New York City, USA)

"The Sky Guitar combines space-age innovation with the finest traditional craftsmanship."

"A Sky Guitar will challenge you to become a better player!"

"The UJR Sky Guitar perfectly symbolizes the spirit of innovation and inspiration."




UJR SKY GUITARS was founded by ULI JON ROTH in 2017.

The purpose of the company is to build new Sky Guitars for the discerning musician or collector.
These groundbreaking instruments have been designed by Uli himself
in order to significantly extend the boundaries of the electric guitar.

UJR SKY GUITARS is the logical next step after Uli's successful association with his dear friend Elliott Rubinson, CEO of Dean Guitars,
who sadly passed away at the beginning 2017.
The first Limited Edition of 50 Sky Guitars was distributed by Dean.
All these guitars were built by Boris Dommenget, exactly according to Uli's wishes.

Through the establishment of UJR SKY GUITARS we are now taking Sky Guitars to the next level
with a whole series of new ideas and further improvements to this already amazing invention.

All our guitars are being built in Germany by Master Luthier Boris Dommenget
and are distributed exclusively worldwide through this website.

UJR SKY GUITARS stands for Innovation, Imagination, Inspiration.