Kevin Butt, Aydlett, North Carolina, USA

In shape and form of design, there is nothing like the Sky Guitar. The electronics are stellar, particularly the incredible and highly responsive EQ system. To have access to both Stratocaster and Gibson tones in a single guitar via a switch is an amazing feat, there is a lot going on under the hood of this machine. The built-in gain knob I use with caution as my home amp is a Fender Princeton but I have been able to dial in very good tones even without using it, but it can certainly let out the Lion’s Roar, Ha Ha. I love the offset nut for full vibratos on the high E string and the tremolo bridge holds tune nicely. It is a beautiful neck, the extra deep scalloping is taking some getting use to, but I do hear a springiness and buoyancy to the notes due to the scalloping.

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